Sunday, August 27, 2006

EV Probe Conversion Workshop

I am going to host an electric vehicle conversion workshop series in my garage. Anyone interested? No experience required.

On Saturday I will be picking up my new "glider". It is a 1995 Ford Probe with a blown engine (piston rod sticking through the engine block, she was driving without oil), found at a yard sale. This car has 93K miles. New tires, new brakes. 5-speed manual transmission. Manual windows. A/C. Hatchback. Great space for a battery box (rear seat sits atop very large square fuel tank). Fair-Good condition: here are the issues noted: 2nd owner, fairly high quality repaint (red now, was a more purpley red), from New York (no visible corrosion, brake drums look a little rusty though), dead battery, missing rear trim section of center console, cracked and taped lr taillight, impact scuff on left side (rubbing compound will erase most of it). Asking price $500 Purchase price $350. I described what I had planned for the car, and showed her my 86 Chevy Sprint conversion. Actually this Probe is a pretty decent car, suppose the engine problem turns out to be some simple fix like a broken timing belt. Will I struggle with the thought of fixing it and turning a profit?

Session 1: Sat 9/2/06 9:00am-12. Does anyone have a car trailer for rent (I have a truck)? Can someone help Saturday to relocate the glider to my garage? It is about a 2 mile move and should not take long. We can even start taking things apart! I hope there is a full tank of gas in it!

Future Sessions:
I would like to transfer and re-use as many of the EV components as possible from the '86 Chevy Sprint, yet keep it drivable until the last possible instant. Hopefully the Prestolite MAV4002 motor can be used. It would need a coupling, transmission adapter, and motor mounts. I heard the transmission is the same as a Mazda 626? Need to confirm this....

Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR


Paz said...

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alnvilma said...

Are still around Aloha. That is where I live and I see you have first hand knowledge of a conversion that interest me: Chevy Sprint
I would love to have your input if I could come by or call.

Rahat said...

The 1994+mazda 626 and the ford probe share the same transmission and engine I believe. I think the v6 auto trans for some years are different from the I4 ones. I can let you know in more detail if you let me know what year and trim your probe is.

I wish I lived closer! I woulda definately come down and helped you out...

kimberly said...

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Frederick Milton said...

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