Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Conversion Workshop Session #2 Sat 9/9/06 9am=??

1995 Ford Probe EV Conversion

Current Status:
Car up on blocks ready for engine removal. Exhaust system, hood, radiator, fan, fuel tank, rear seat bottom, all removed.

This weeks work plan Saturday 9/9/06 9am-??
1. remove the engine
2. remove unneeded exhaust shielding and fuel lines under the car
3. remove front seats, rear seat backs, carpeting
4. cut opening for main battery box to fit (9-10) group 31 in the space formerly occupied by the rear seat/fuel tank. Note 3-4 additional batteries will be located elsewhere location TBD, likely under the hood. Does anyone have a pneumatic or electric metal shear???

ToDo List:
- need to weld flange back on the fuel filler pipe (someone have a welder which will handle thin steel?). The pipe was cut down for re-installation because it has all the brackets needed to mount the plastic shield inside the wheel well. This short piece of pipe can be used as a conduit for the charger cord.
- shop manual (in transit from eBay, will be here before Saturday)
- vacuum pump (in transit from eBay)
- research how many horsepower is required to run the power steering pump.

If you are interested in participating (no experience needed), let me know in an email and I will send you my contact information.

Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR


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