Saturday, September 2, 2006

1st Conversion Workshop

How this all started:
I have been thinking about building another electric car for a while. While garage sale-ing with my wife Rejeanna, we found a decent looking car with a blown engine. They were asking $500 but the daughter was not home with the keys to give it a closer look. Several weeks went by and the more I thought about it the more I thought the Probe would mave a great electric conversion. I went back over to the house and the car was still there. I was able to negotiate down to $350 (less than the cost of the 4 brand new tires on the car).

1995 Ford Probe
EV Conversion Workshop #1

Dan Shoop and Larry Sipe helped to move the car. I borrowed a trailer from a friend at work. It took us about an hour to load the car onto the trailer. We were missing the rod used to secure one of the ramps. Dan and Larry came up with a brilliant idea to use the jack handle from my truck. Worked great!!
When we got the car home, we removed the hood, radiator, fan, exhaust system, and started freeing the engine for removal.

“Treasure” found under the rear seat:
This was obviously a chick's car! I found almost $10 in change lodged in every crevice and oriface!

View from the Front:
Charging the car battery (it was completely dead) to check fuel level.

The Garage:
This is going to be the new home for the Probe for a while.... You can see a little bit of the crappy Chevy Sprint EV on the left side of the photo.

Side View:
The exhaust system has been surgically removed, and is strewn all labout. At first I thought it would be nice to remove it in one or 2 pieces, so maybe someone with a gas powered Probe could re-use it. Too much trouble, the air chisel and cutoff saw got the job over with.

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