Thursday, September 28, 2006

Conversion Workshop Session #4 Sat 9/30 9:00-???

Here is a photo of my workbench.

The treadmill motor was cheap, and it will operate the power steering pump and the air conditioning compressor. I will need a controller because the motor is 130VDC and my battery pack will be 144-156V. I also do not want to run the motor at full 6000 rpm, probably around 4500 rpm would be better.

The vacuum pump was cheap too, and pretty neat. It is a rotary vane so it does not vibrate like the piston pumps. It is pretty quiet too, running about 3 amps or less on 12-30V. It has a brushless DC motor. I took it apart and replaced the hall sensors and she purrs like a kitten.

I have a pretty cool vacuum pressure controller coming in the mail from eBay: ZSE5B-02-27L

Work plan:
- remove engine (really may happen this time!!)

I bought a strut spring compressor which should help disjoint the axles.
I found a manual showing the removal of the axles (needs to be done before the engine can come out).

Hey the Probe needs brakes! We can do a future workshop on just brakes. Disc brakes. Front and/or rear. Any interest let me know. Disc brakes are easy, don't let Les Schwab take your money! Bring your car over and we can do yours too.

Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR

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